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YMCA Camp Kitaki is a part of the YMCA of Lincoln, Nebraska, a nonprofit 501(c)(3).   

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We strive in all that we do to make the Camp Kitaki experience affordable to all.  This involves raising funds for our financial assistance program, making long term facility and program decisions, and raising funds to mitigate the costs of maintaining our facility.

Wants, Wishes and Dreams is our road map. 



Wants are smaller scale projects, equipment, and things for around camp. 


  • Crafts and odds and ends for our Makerspace.
  • Costumes and props - used for our Halloween camp as well as our skits and stories at Campfire.
  • Used gift cards/credit cards/loyalty cards (we make guitar picks out of them).
  • Books (Reading level 1-5th grade) - used as loaners in our camp library during rest hour time.
  • Horse tack for our equestrian programs. 
  • Clothes Iron (for use in crafts with melty beads and t-shirt transfers).
  • Beanie Babies or other small throwable (and catchable) stuffed animals.  We use them for teambuilding.
  • Games, Program Supplies, and more on our Amazon Wishlist.

Annual Campaign - Strong Kids

Campers  Cost: $500 per Camper Status: Ongoing

Our first goal is always to help kids who can’t afford camp programs, still be able to attend.  If you are able, consider a donation to our annual campaign which will help a child experience Kitaki who would otherwise not be able.  


DSLR Camera       Cost:  $500    Status:  0%
A new camera will allow us to continue taking beautiful pictures for keepsakes, parents, marketing, and more.

Little Libraries    Cost:  $100 Each    Status:  33%
We would like to peper camp with little outdoor libraries so kids can read and enjoy the outdoors.  Contact us if you would like to help finance a little library, or if you would like to help build one!

Nine Square in the Air   Cost:  $800   Status:  0%
This fun activity gets nine people actively involved in a quick moving game!  http://www.9squareintheair.com/

Builder Boards  Cost:  $3,000 or much less if hand made.  Camp has the book with the plans.   Status: 0%
This set of building boards allow kids to put together forts and other fun.  http://www.woodshop4kids.com/Hands_On_Books/Home.html



Medium scale projects that we have begun or hope to start soon.  Some projects like this might be good for an Eagle Scout or Gold Award, or a family or company that wishes to improve Kitaki's program and facility.

Rotary Outdoor Music Playground    Total Cost:  $35,000    Status:  95%
See the project completion here! We would still like to do some music panels including how to play popular songs.  $3,000

Climbing Boulder  Total Cost:  $35,000    Status:  0%
As part of Fort Pawnee this climbing boulder will be a fun way for kids to explore other types of climbing and for us to teach about the rock deposits of Nebraska.

Bouldering Structure  Total Cost:  $15,000    Status:  85%
Repurposing the old climbing tower into a bouldering structure nearby our new Tango Tower will allow us to provide the best technical instruction on climbing.  Learn more here!




Dreams are where we are headed.  We are not actively soliciting for projects in this category, but if you would like to discuss project ideas, or how you and your company can be involved when the timing is right we would love to hear from you.

  • Multipurpose Building
  • Welcome Center/Health Lodge Building
  • Pavillion
  • Earth Sheltered Trip Outpost
Executive Director
jsmith [at] ymcalincoln.org

A former camper himself, Jason has worked at Kitaki full-time since 2004. As the Executive Director, Jason is in charge of ensuring the high quality of all camp operations.