YMCA Camp Kitaki

Keeping Camp Affordable

Keeping Camp Affordable

YMCA Camp Kitaki wants the camp experience to be available to everyone.  Below are some ways that can help make Camp fit any budget.

Why Three Prices?  Camp Kitaki has a voluntary tiered pricing system for our summer camp programs allowing families to choose the price that works best for them. Naming your price requires no paperwork and in no way influences the experience your child will receive at camp.

  • What are the prices? Price A accounts for camp operation costs, including wear & tear, depreciation, and facility/program improvements. Price B accounts for cost of operation and Price C is a more heavily subsidized rate, and does not reflect the true cost of operating.
  • How do I select my price? This program is voluntary, requires no paper work and in no way influences the experience children receive. Simply choose the rate that is appropriate for your family.
  • How are the rates subsidized? We are able to offer subsidized rates by generous contributions of many donors, alumni, staff and friends, and by the support of the YMCA of Lincoln, the association to which Camp Kitaki belongs.
  • Is more assistance available? Due to the tiered pricing structure at YMCA Camp Kitaki, if additional financial assistance is needed, participants can apply for our Open Doors Program and could qualify for up to an additional 50% off. See Open Doors guidelines for details. 

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Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance

Part of the mission of the Lincoln YMCA and Camp Kitaki is to ensure that our programs are available for all. Through the YMCA Open Doors Financial Assistance program, we are able to provide assistance for those who may find the costs of a camp program a barrier to their child's attendance. By filling out the application and verifying income, a family can qualify for 10%-50% off of the program fees at YMCA Camp Kitaki. As a branch of the Lincoln YMCA, Kitaki uses the same application. If you have been approved for Lincoln YMCA Financial Assistance, you already qualify for assistance at Kitaki. 

A family of 4 making less than $45,000 a year can qualify for up to 30% off camp fees (provided as an example, all applications individually reviewed for assistance granted). Percentage of assistance granted is taken off the Tier C (Lowest) price of summer camp programs. 

Approval is good for two years, and applicants are asked to reapply every other year.

Scheduling Payments
Scheduling Payments

Payments for camp programs can be split and made throughout the year via an automatic draft. A smaller amount each month allows camp to be easier on the family budget. To schedule payments, a camper must be fully registered with the deposit paid. Scheduled payments can be arranged via the summer registration form, on the phone, or using the form below.

Snack Mix Sale Fundraiser
Snack Mix Sale Fundraiser

Each year in March and April, Camp Kitaki sets up an optional fundraiser for our campers' families that gives the campers themselves a chance to help earn their own way to Kitaki. By selling RU Nuts Snack Mix packs your camper can bring the fee down related to getting to camp. 

To participate, you must be a registered camper for the coming summer with at least your $100 deposit paid. You may check out product at the Camp Kitaki Office in Lincoln.

Contact the Camp Kitaki Office for more information at (402) 434-9222.

Additional Help
Additional Help

While our Financial Assistance program will make camp affordable for most families, we recognize that extenuating circumstances occasionally make for additional need. In those cases, we want to help.  Keep in mind that outside groups may be interested in helping your child get to camp. Examples include:

  • Foster Care Programs
  • Grandparents, Friends or Family Members (Ask them to help send your child to camp instead of provide a birthday or Christmas gift)
  • Church programs

Should need exist beyond our traditional financial assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual situation. Call our office at 402-434-9222 or contact our executive director for further assistance. 

Executive Director
jsmith [at] ymcalincoln.org

A former camper himself, Jason has worked at Kitaki full-time since 2004. As the Executive Director, Jason is in charge of ensuring the high quality of all camp operations.

Every kid deserves the chance to go to camp.  If you are interested in helping ensure camp programs remain available to all visit our Wants, Wishes and Dreams page.