YMCA Camp Kitaki



Jason shares some thoughts about what makes camp seem so magical during this time of year.
The lights dim as the scattered persons assemble themselves into a wide arc, settling idly onto the floor.

YMCA Camp Kitaki is raising funds to revamp our Campfire Amphitheater, the heart of the Kitaki program, and one of our biggest traditions. See how you can be involved and how your gift can be matched!

Jason shares the story of the periodical cicadas, why we won't see them again till 2032, and what they mean at camp!
March the 4th YMCA Camp Kitaki is hosting the 2nd Annual Kitaki Dinner Party! Grab friends, eat food, talk camp!
Last year Camp Kitaki put together some Kitaki themed valentines and had so much fun we did it again this year!
Jason shares an update about Kitaki and the kickoff to our new Alumni Newsletter.

Nat thinks back on the best Christmas gift she ever received.

Find out what question Jason, as the camp director, starts getting the most this fall!
Here we are a few weeks past the end of Summer 2015. As I sit here at my desk in the Lincoln Office, far from the songs and sounds of summer camp, I reflect on what was accomplished at camp this summer. It is a humbling task to look back, because YOUR camper didn't...