YMCA Camp Kitaki



Our target range offers the opportunity to learn a skill that kids might not otherwise be exposed to. By using different distances and targets the challenge of our Archery range can be varied to meet any level of difficulty. Year after year this is one of our most popular activities!


Camp uses traditional ring targets, but also like to look for other challenges!  Can you hit the Opa Orbs?  How about a playing card?  Or an apple?

Archery Games

Come to the range and learn some games!  We have played tic tac toe, battleship, and even Harry Potter wizard duels using archery.  What will we do next?

Why Archery?

Other than being an traditional camp activity that kids really enjoy, we use archery to teach skills and concepts in a hands on way.  Archery is an activity that has an easy learning curve, meaning that from shot to shot a camper can see themselves getting better as they take in the staff's suggestions.  This helps provide real world meaning to the phrase "practice makes perfect."  We also use archery to talk about the value of preparation (carefully and patiently setting up your shot), patience, and determination.  These same skills can be translated into everyday social interactions through metaphor.  For example:  "When you say something your words are sort of like the arrow.  Once the arrow leaves the bow you can no longer change it's flight.  Similarly, when your words leave your mouth you cannot change how they are heard.  In speaking, like in archery, you must spend time carefully preparing what you say with patience and determination."