YMCA Camp Kitaki

Challenge Course

Challenge Course

Looking for adventure? Well this is the place. Kitaki's Challenge Course features two different courses that combine for one unique experience.

  • Low Initiatives Course:  One of the main goals of Camp Kitaki is for all kids to learn about themselves, learn about each other, and to make friends. One way we teach about these things is through our Initiatives Course. This course and our trained facilitators work with each cabin group at Kitaki by presenting them with challenging activities and scenarios and processing the teamwork and communication they use to solve the problems.  What would you do if you and your friends find yourself stuck on one side of a raging river with only a few rocks and logs to use to get across?  The Low Initiatives Course will help you find out!
  • High Ropes Course:  Challenges abound on our High Ropes Course which can be set up many different ways for continuously changing challenges. Ever conquered the Wild Woozey? How about the Spaghetti Walk or the Flying Squirrel? All activities are overseen by our trained staff with state of the art safety equipment.

Close toed shoes are required for these activities.

'Tango Tower' Climbing Structure!

Camp Kitaki's climbing tower is getting an update!  Our new Tango Tower will be twice as tall, and will be able to hold up to 6 times the number of climbers our old one held, which means we can have 12 people climbing the structure all at once!  Are you ready for new challenges such as:

  • New 50' Climbing Wall Faces
  • Centipede Ladder
  • Vertebrae Ladder
  • Dangle Duo
  • King Swing
  • Rope Ladder (More difficult than it sounds!)
  • Fire Cracker Ladder (REALLY DIFFICULT!)
  • Wild Woozy
  • Evil X


Tango Promo (Short) from YMCA Camp Kitaki on Vimeo.


Due to the level of difficulty of these challenges, campers will be presented with elements and activities that are difficult to them, without being impossible. Because of this certain activities are only available to certain age groups.  This is one way that camp at Kitaki changes year after year.  The things you face on our Challenge Course will grow with you!