YMCA Camp Kitaki



Crafts is the opportunity for every camper to display his or her creative side.  From the popular Friendship Bracelets and Boondoogles, to tie dye, pet rocks, and spray paintings Crafts has a lot in store for our campers. Learn a new skill and spend more time getting to know your friends.  The projects that are done in our crafts den give kids an opportunity to build relationships and friendships while being creative.  There are always great conversations going on around the picnic tables in the shade at crafts.

Example Projects

  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Metal Etching Art
  • Guatamalan Worry Dolls
  • Boondoogles (Plastic lace lanyards)
  • Bead Animal Key Chains
  • Melty Beads
  • Tie Dye

Why Crafts?

Everyone thinks of doing crafts at camp.  Lanyards, tie dye, and frienship bracelets go hand in hand with all of the fun summer memories that people associate with camp.  At Kitaki crafts is an opportunity to slow down, enjoying being outdoors, and converse with the people around you.  Have you ever noticed that it is easier to talk to someone when you are doing something with your hands?  The crafts den is an opportunity to practice social conversation in an unhurried way.  It also is a chance to work on fine motor skills, patience, and artisitic skills.