YMCA Camp Kitaki

Fort Pawnee Natural Play Area

Fort Pawnee Natural Play Area

Fort Pawnee is YMCA Camp Kitaki's replica western fort and natural play area. This fort itself is the enterance to the natural play area for the campers of Kitaki. This area includes many different activities all designed to allow kids the chance to play in nature in an approachable, safe, and imaginative way. The Fort consists of peek holes, firefly theater stage, walk ways, a fire pit, and look out towers. If you are lucky you might get the chance to sleep out within the walls of the fort this summer!

Natural Play Area

Our natural play area is based on the outdoor classroom reasearch of Nature Explore (a collaboration of the Arbor Day Foundation, and Dimensions Research Group).  It features:

  • Messy Materials Area:  Come build with blocks, tree cookies or sand! 
  • Balance Area:  Balance Beams and Tree Stumps to climb on!
  • Action Area:  For games and moving around!
  • Nature Games:  Sit on a log and play connect four or checkers with rocks!
  • Firefly Theater:  Put on a production at this mini stage!
  • Fire pit:  For teaching outdoor cooking, or telling stories!
  • Rotary Outdoor Music Playground Learn more here!

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