YMCA Camp Kitaki

Rotary Music Playground at Fort Pawnee

Rotary Music Playground at Fort Pawnee

Local Rotary Clubs have assisted in bringing a Music Playground to Fort Pawnee at YMCA Camp Kitaki.  The playground consists of instruments designed to play individually or as as a group.  This playground is part of our ongoing intiative to include arts programming and music into our camp programs. 

Instrument Scale Types:

  1. Pentatonic:  This scale includes only notes that work together so there is no way to make a mistake!
  2. Diatonic:  This scale includes more notes, and so can play many more commonly known melodies.
  3. Chromatic:  This scale is a full scale including all the musical notes. 

Instruments at the Playground include:

  • Soprano Diatonic Metallophone
  • Soprano Diatonic Marimba
  • Tenor Pentatonic Marimba
  • Bass Pentatonic Metallophone
  • Chromatic Amadinda
  • Tuned Drums
  • Pentatonic Kalimba
  • Palm Pipe Drums
  • Rain Wheel
  • Tuned Tongue Drums

Brother John in a Round from YMCA Camp Kitaki on Vimeo.