YMCA Camp Kitaki

Kitaki Dinner Party

Kitaki Dinner Party

March the 27th YMCA Camp Kitaki is hosting the 1st Annual Kitaki Dinner Party!  This event is simply a reason for the Kitaki Family to get together at a time and place of their choosing and enjoy a meal with camp friends, and share some camp stories. 

We have put together a PARTY PACK that everyone participating in the Kitaki Dinner party can use to bring a little camp magic to their meal.  Simply download the pack at the link below to learn what grace and song we will be doing, to print Kitaki coloring placemats, and learn how to share your event on Facebook.

WHEN and WHERE: March 27th, you choose the time and place
WHO: You, your family, your friends- anyone who wants to be part of the Kitaki family
WHY: The Kitaki Dinner Party is a chance to bring together your family and friends, wherever and whoever they may be, and celebrate being a part of the amazing Kitaki family! Relax and take time out of your busy life to enjoy a meal while sharing your favorite stories, photographs and memories of camp. Know some people who aren’t yet part of the Kitaki family but need to be? Invite them to share in the magic!
Consider hosting an open gathering for all Kitaki alumni in your city.  Post an event on Facebook and we will help share and connect people in your area!

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