YMCA Camp Kitaki



Jason shares a reflection inspired by a song, and warm summer evenings watching fireflies.

Jason talks about how the world has changed, and what we can do.

Jason has an art challenge for you all. Create an art project depicting your favorite Camp Song! Your submission might be hung at camp this summer!

Jason talks about the power of Make Believe, and the place it has in developing adults.

Nat shares her memories from her childhood involvement in Nickelodeon's "The Big Help".

I have something to confess…I’ve never seen Frozen.  Yes, I can...

Recently I was on a video call with some other camp directors discussing the ups and downs of running a facility as complicated as a summer camp.  A friend of mine (Jack from Camp Stomping Ground) asked a question...

It happened on a busy check out morning. Like any other Saturday I was running from place to place...

Jason talks about the recent floods near camp.

Nat shares a saying she learned from her daughter, and what it means to us at Kitaki.