YMCA Camp Kitaki



Nat shares her memories from her childhood involvement in Nickelodeon's "The Big Help".

I have something to confess…I’ve never seen Frozen.  Yes, I can...

Recently I was on a video call with some other camp directors discussing the ups and downs of running a facility as complicated as a summer camp.  A friend of mine (Jack from Camp Stomping Ground) asked a question...

It happened on a busy check out morning. Like any other Saturday I was running from place to place...

Jason talks about the recent floods near camp.

Nat shares a saying she learned from her daughter, and what it means to us at Kitaki.

Jason talks about a fellow camp director's perspective on technology at camp.

Dear Alumni, I have failed you... Jason

Nat shares her thoughts on how we treat kids, both at camp and in the world.

I got an email the other day. The day before, I heard someone share a sentence. In and of themselves those are both rather mundane occurrences. The fact that they happened isn’t important but the content of those different messages, and the connection between them, is.