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Dear Alumni, I have failed you... Jason

Nat shares her thoughts on how we treat kids, both at camp and in the world.

I got an email the other day. The day before, I heard someone share a sentence. In and of themselves those are both rather mundane occurrences. The fact that they happened isn’t important but the content of those different messages, and the connection between them, is.

For me, this time of year is about reconnecting to so many people that I don’t get a chance to see over the summer.  In the spirit of that effort, here is a list of the most common questions I get when I run into someone in the “wilds” of Lincoln, NE.  So without further ado, the “What’s Up Before Round Up”:

The phone rings.  I know the question that will be asked before the first ring quiets.  Not from whom, but certainly the what.   It’s not telepathy, just ...

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Jason shares a little on the most important part of camp being successful.

Nat shares a little about the connection that Summer Staff feel to camp, through their answers in return staff interviews.

Nat talks about her camp mentor and the lessons she learned from him that she tries to instill in the campers and staff every day.

While glancing through my news feed on Facebook, a post caught my eye. The picture included with it said: