YMCA Camp Kitaki



Jason tells the story of four envelopes that changed the future of Kitaki.

Jason shares some thoughts about the "End of Summer Blues" as Summer 2017 closes.

Last weekend Kitaki got to play host to a wedding of two wonderful alumni who met at camp ...

Staff alumni and donors to the Rekindling Campfire Project are invited to join us at YMCA Camp Kitaki on Saturday June 3rd for the First Campfire event in our new Campfire Amphitheater (learn more or donate to the project).   The event will be held Saturday June 3rd from 5 PM-9:30 PM.

March the 10th YMCA Camp Kitaki is hosting the 3rd Annual Kitaki Dinner Party!  This event is simply a reason for the Kitaki friends and family to get together at a time and place of their choosing, enjoy a meal with camp friends, and share some camp stories. There will be many small gatherings all over the world!

Nat shares the conversation she had with her daughter about going to a camp that is *gasp* NOT Kitaki.
Jason shares some highlights of 2016 as we look forward to 2017!
Jack's memories of camp have lasted a lifetime. So will yours.
Jason reflects on the quiet moments of camp and on being thankful.
Jason shares some thoughts about what makes camp seem so magical during this time of year.