YMCA Camp Kitaki



Camp Kitaki is for everybody. It seems like a simple idea, but ensuring that everyone can participate in camp programs is a bit more complicated than that. How do we make it happen? Read on...
Three weeks, 5 nights, 462 kids and a few screams later we have wrapped up Halloween 2014.
While the days are getting shorter and colder, we here at Kitaki know that summer is always just around the corner!
The Fall Family BBQ is a great way for your family to enjoy Halloween fun together at Kitaki this fall!
When you think of Kitaki images of Horseback Riding, climbing our new Tango Tower, or spending an evening huddled on benches singing songs near a roaring fire might come to mind. However, when we ask kids what the best thing about camp is, the answer might surprise you.
Fall Round Up is right around the corner with all sorts of western fun! You don't want to miss out on the last opportunity for you to ride horses at Kitaki in 2014!

Summer Camp is over and with it comes the start to school.  However Camp Kitaki remains a busy place with our Retreats, Outdoor Education, and Campout Programs.  We hope to see you soon in the land of the high hills!

We only have two full weeks left of summer camp!  Lots of fun is to be had in our school year programs, so be sure to check out the year around programs page for our camp out programs. 

Summer 2014 is off and running, we do still have spots available in many sessions, though they are starting to fill.  Register today for the widest availability!

Between now and June 1st, 2014 all dollars donated to Kitaki to help kids attend camp will be matched. Your money works twice as hard, and kids who deserve it have a great experience at Camp!