YMCA Camp Kitaki

Jungle Land

Jungle Land

Jungleland is an adventure trail that teaches campers how to work within a group to reach a goal, practice communication skills and reflect upon personal interactions with others. Jungleland is for children ages 7-12.

The program uses traditional teambuilding elements, combined with an interesting storyline to make learning these life lesson in a fun and unique way. Campers will partner with a trained facilitator who serves as a fictional character/guide to help them complete their task. They will also receive their own gear, travel maps and clothing to make the adventure feel authentic. Campers will proceed through each element until they rescue a person or retrieve a valuable object.

A new Jungleland adventure is offered each year to keep the area fresh and new for returning campers.

The story that sets up the Adventure for the program area.

Deep in the jungles of Africa, a member of the famed Jungleland Adventure Company has gone missing while attempting to retrieve the Aha Monkey, a sacred item stolen from a peaceful Tribe. You mission is to find the Aha Monkey and our missing adventurer. You and your friends will need to use teamwork and good communication skills to complete this task. By the way, did we mention you would be going to a dangerous jungle filled with crazy obstacles, giant critters and the dangerous Ungawas? Good Luck! You're going to need it if you are going to rescue the Aha Monkey!

The activities that support the story and teach teamwork and communication skills

Campers will begin their Jungleland experience with a meeting with the owner of the fictional Jungleland Adventure Company. Through a multimedia presentation, the facilitator will set up the story using maps, artifacts and video/audio footage from the adventure location. Campers will meet their guide and begin the group development process by working as team to select their gear. Campers will also receive a guidebook that helps them prepare for the adventure that awaits them in the coming days.

At the assigned time, campers will begin their adventure by proceeding to the Jungleland Adventure Trail. They will meet up with their guide and receive their gear. They will travel through the Jungle, encountering several "dangerous" elements that will test their bravery and ability to work with others to complete the task. Once campers complete their assignment, they will depart the program area via a Zipline.