YMCA Camp Kitaki


As a kid my favorite part of the summer was the week my mom sent me to camp. I usually went session 8 but I was packed and ready to go by the last day of school. My siblings saw how much fun I had and enjoyed listening to the many memories of my favorite parts of camp and joined me in going to camp as well! You can't gain the experience from Camp Kitaki anywhere else. The stories, traditions, and the rich history can only be found through the gates of camp. It was camp that enhanced my love for the outdoors, exciting adventures, and new friends... and also awesome spaghetti nights! Camp Kitaki allowed me to grow in ways you cant get from school, or a daycare, or the television. It's the magic only found at the one and only Camp Kitaki!

Kat P.


My 12 year old son has been to camp the last two years and loves it! Our family has also gone to Labor Day Family Camp the past two years and had so much fun! We love the counselors, activities, food and friendships!

Dana M.

Mom of Camper; Labor Day Family Camper

You guys did an absolutely PHENOMENAL job helping Debb and I raise Cole. You may feel like you had a minimal impact on him, but that is so not true! I keep coming back to the Leadership Camps and his involvement in the SK Program, both of which guided him to increased confidence, new friends, new ideas and a true sense who HE was.

I know I've thanked you, but I really want you to know that your presence in his life made a real difference and I will always be grateful.

Sue S.

Camper Parent

I was a camper at Camp Kitaki for 8 summers straight, starting when I was nine years old. I still get nostalgia attacks whenever I dwell upon the great times I had, people I met, and the beauty of the land itself. Every now and then, I have... dreams about the camp, only to wake up disappointed with the fact that I am not actually there. I'll never forget my last day there when I was seventeen. I began to cry as my mother took me home, because I would probably never get to see Kitaki again. Even now, three years later, I still get teary-eyed when I look back. If that's not a lasting impression, then I do not know what is. Now, however, when I talk to my friends about all the good times I had there, they are skeptical of my words because of the stigma (real or imagined) associated summer camps... Or rather,they just never had the opportunity to go themselves. Months ago, my best friend's parents were thinking of sending their younger children to Kitaki. When I overheard this, I told them that if they love their children, and want them to have the best possible childhood they could ever have, they should send them to Camp Kitaki. I told them that, of course, after much reminiscing about all the activities I took part in. I can say with absolute confidence, that it is my favorite place in the world. Just wanted to say: Thank you, Camp Kitaki, for everything.

Eric P.

Former Camper

This place is magical because of how it brings people together and reminds us that at one point each other's company was the best entertainment and enough. Friendships are stronger because they are built on truths of enjoying one another's company. Some of my best friends were met here. When you drive under that sign everything is different, everything is magical.

Kristi M.

Former Camper and Staff Alumni

Kitaki has absolutely shaped who I am and who I want to be. I am so thankful to be a part of a group of people that has such a passion for kids and a fun-loving outlook on life. I've found some of my biggest role models at camp and am amazed by the way campers have influenced my life. Without a doubt, it is the greatest gift I've ever been given!

Haley J.

Former Camper and Staff Member