YMCA Camp Kitaki

Ranch Camp

Ranch Camp

Length of Program: 
One Week
    • Regular Ranch: Ages 10-17
    • Advanced Ranch: Ages 11-17*
    • Challenge Ranch:  Ages 14-17**

Tucked away in our authentic Western Town, ranch camp offers a complete horsemanship experience through instruction, time in the saddle, and the responsibility of caring for a horse of ones own. Half the day is spent riding, feeding, grooming, and more, and during the other half ranch campers take advantage of many typical Kitaki activities. Our well-trained, safety conscience wranglers provide riding instruction through exercises and fun games in our arena, as well as trail rides through Kitaki's beautiful forest. Experienced staff will instruct campers on the finer points of tack, safety, equine health, grooming, identifying breeds, and respect for the animal.  For safety, all Ranch Campers must wear boots with a heel (1" or less).

Fee:  (Why Three Prices?)

2021 Rates

Tier A:  $750
Tier B:  $710                                                          
Tier C:  $670 (Financial Assistance is calculated off this Tier. - Click Here to Apply)


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  • Each camper is assigned his/her own horse to ride and care for all week long.
  • Campers will learn new skills through instruction and game time in the arena and on trail rides.
  • Since Ranch Campers are placed in both cabin and riding groups, they have the opportunity to make even more friends and connect with multiple adult role models.

Ranch Campers will:

  • increase competency and confidence through equestrian activities.
  • develop a sense of unit cohesion and group identity.
  • be given opportunites to connect with campers from a wide range of ages.
  • gain an appreciation for the value of responsibility and hard work.
Level Progression
Level Progression

Kitaki's ranch program offers a progression of three levels, each level takes into account the camper's riding skills and experience, and presents new challenges based on personal growth and development. To ensure that each camper has a safe and quality experience, ranch campers must verify their skills in each level before moving on.

  • Regular Ranch: Ages 10-17
      • Consists of 3 sperate levels of riding groups.
      • Most campers attend regular ranch multiple times before moving on
  • Advanced Ranch: Ages 11-17* Must meet requirments before registering for advanced ranch. 
      • Requirements are met by proving skills in a regular ranch program.
      • Advanced Ranch programming includes higher risk activities such as speed work in the arena and on trails, jumping, and riding bareback.  Exceptions may be made at the Director's discretion for campers who have extensive experience consisting of:
          • Riding at a minimum once a week for a period longer than a year in riding lessons and demonstrated the ability to ride at walk, trot, and canter while maintaining control of horse.
          • OR: Riding at a minimum once a week for a period longer than six months under guidance of competent adult and demonstrated the ability to ride at walk, trot, and canter while maintaining control of horse. AND ridden in shows and received ribbons showing ability in horsemanship, equitation, reining, jumping or dressage.
          • Because Safety is our #1 priority, Camp Kitaki reserves the right to move a camper down in program level should staff determine that a competency has not been demonstrated to safely participate.
  • Challenge Ranch:  Ages 14-17** Must progress thru Advanced Ranch before registering.
      • Due to the high level or risk associated with the skills needed to participate at this level, exceptions will not be made into the Challenge Ranch program.
The Schedule
The Schedule

Ranch campers spend half of the day down at the barn taking part in riding lessons, caring for the horses, and learning groundwork skills like grooming and saddling. The other half of the day is spent participating in traditional summer camp activities like crafts, archery, and the pool.

Campers also take part in ranch-only activities like an evening cookout at Kitaki's lake and the Kitakeo Western Show, where ranchers are given a chance to show off the skills they have learned all week in contests both on horseback and on the ground.

Horse Activities
Horse Activities

Ranch campers get to spend lots of time around the horses of Kitaki.  Riding every day, ranch campers spend time on the trails of camp, and they also practice riding technique in our two arenas.  Arena lessons focus on riding skills and working with horses to do what you ask of them, when you ask it.  Our wranglers provide tips and hints on better posture and control.  While in the arena campers will practice skills, play games, and in the upper levels of ranch camp even practice small jumps.

Ranch campers also attend "Ground School" that provides, through games and activities, more information about horses, their biology, history, tack and more. 

Ranch campers will need to work, as we want to provide the full experience of working with and owning horses.  They will learn to groom and saddle, as well as scoop poop, clean the barn, and do other chores around the barn area.


Ranch camp is a small, tight-knit group. Campers stay in cabin groups based on age, but also travel to activities with a riding group based on their horsemanship experience, and opportunities to make new friends abound. Our energetic and knowledgeable ranch counselors are there to help make every experience even more memorable!

All Ranch Campers stay in Wolfe Canyon our replica western town!

Click Here to visit www.roundus.com for virtual 360 degree view of Wolfe Canyon!


Please check online registration for availability.

2020 SessionsSuspended - Learn More

2021 Sessions:

  • 1: June 6-12 (Regular, Advanced)
  • 2: June 13-19 (Regular, Advanced)
  • 3: June 20-26 (Regular, Challenge)
  • 4: June 27-July 3 (Girls Only: Regular, Advanced)
  • 5: July 4-10 (Regular, Advanced)
  • 6: July 11-17 (Girls Only: Regular, Advanced)
  • 7: July 18-24 (Regular, Challenge)
  • 8: July 25-31(Girls Only: Regular, Advanced)
  • 9: August 1-7 (Regular, Advanced)
  • 10: August 8-14 (Regular)

Learn more about Kitaki

Learn more about Kitaki
Learn more about Kitaki

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