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Camp Kitaki's Ranch Camp programs give kids the chance to focus their experience on working with horses.  Each program strives to help campers learn riding technique, beyond just the experience of being on horse back.  In addition, campers get a more full picture of what it means to own and work with horses as they are asked to assist with chores around the barn, help water horses, and learn to groom and saddle. 

Ranch Camp

Ages 10-17

Ranch Camp is for kids who want to spend more time around the camp horses.  Each camper is assigned their own horse to learn with and take care of during the week.  They spend their morning or afternoon at the barn, doing trail rides and learning in our arenas, and the other part of the day doing traditional camp activities.  

Ranch Camp

Advanced Ranch

Ages 11-17

Advanced Ranch is for the more advanced rider.  Advanced Ranch programming includes higher risk activities such as speed work in the arena and on trails, jumping, and riding bareback. Because Safety is our #1 priority, campers must verify their skills prior to registration.

Advanced Ranch Camp

Challenge Ranch Camp

Age 14-17

Challenge Ranch is for incredibly accomplished riders.  Campers must progress through Advanced Ranch to prove their skills prior to registering for Challenge Ranch.  

Challenge Ranch Camp