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The goals of the SK program are Service, Leadership, and Fun. SKs provide service to Kitaki by volunteering to clean, wash dishes, and help us better serve our younger campers by helping lead games and activities. Leadership development is a primary focus of many of our SK events, with an emphasis on responsibility, communication, and personal growth. Fun happens in everything we do, be it singing in the dish room with new-found friends, climbing the leadership wall, or playing elaborate games of Capture the Flag.

Senior Kitaki Kids Highlights


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Learn professional skills including customer service, organization and work ethic.


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Help build a better Camp Kitaki.


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Create magic and memories for yourself and others!

Senior Kitaki Kids Details



All interested applicants must be at least 14 years of age by September 1st of the program year (program begins in September)

Camp Experience

Applicants must have attended Camp Kitaki as a camper.

Character and Availability 

As part of the program, teens must voluntarily abstain from any form of drug use, including alcohol and tobacco; have available time and means to participate in functions as planned; and consider themselves as model youth at all times and as the youth representatives and ambassadors of YMCA Camp Kitaki.


Kitaki offers one event each month just for the SKs. These events are typically held at camp, and feature activities designed to build relationships and teach leadership skills. In addition, there are opportunities to provide service during our camper campouts each month (Halloween Camp, Cabin Fever, etc.) and during the summer. Teens choose their level of involvement in the program. There are no attendance requirements, though the more time an SK invests in the program, the more he or she will get out of the experience. Most SKs attend the events each month and volunteer at least one week during the summer. 


The registration fee of $300 is all inclusive, and covers the costs for all meals and supplies for events during the school year as well as the week(s) your teen works during the summer. Returning SKs will pay $260.

Calendar of Events

The SK program begins in September of each year. Each month we hold an event just for the SKs which features new opportunities to grow as a leader, chances to make new friends, and time to give back to Kitaki. SKs also can sign up to help with our year-round campouts.

In the spring, SKs submit preferences for the summer weeks they'd like to volunteer. Most SKs volunteer 1-2 weeks during the summer.


New applications for the SK program are due August 31st. For more information on the program or the application, please call the office at (402)434-9222. Information is also available at the next summer registration table on the closing day of camp each session of the summer. Returning SKs, please see the summer newsletter for the return SK application. 


Monthly Events September - August Annually