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The relationships made and memories created at camp are some of the longest lasting in this world. One of the most powerful things you can do as an Alumni is to stay connected to the place and the people who hold such a special spot in your memories. Camp Kitaki cherishes the memories you hold and wants to stay connected. 


Stay Connected

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Staff Alumni: Knights of Kitaki

Knights of Kitaki (Staff Alumni) Facebook Group:  This group is the official home for Kitaki Alumni on Facebook. Come join the group, share some memories and reconnect with old friends!

The Knights of Kitaki refer to any person who has completed one full summer as a staff member at YMCA Camp Kitaki.  Knights of Kitaki have one simple mission, "to save the world". It is our simple hope that everyone who works at Kitaki will take what they learned about working with people, values, faith, friendship, and guiding kids, and apply it in their daily life with the goal of improving the world. The Knights of Kitaki Alumni exist to provide resources and connection to the people, lessons, and place that has given so many so much in the "good 'ole days", and to provide a means for Knights to give back to Camp Kitaki. 

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Work Day: Held annually on a Saturday in early May, Work Day is the day we prepare camp for the summer! Volunteer opportunities include raking, woodchipping, cleaning, putting out pool furniture, painting, and various annual projects!
  • Personal Projects: Camp may have projects that Alumni may want to complete on their own on an ongoing basis. Contact staff for more information. Examples may include:
    • T-Shirt Quilt
    • Tiny Free Libraries
    • Medallion Display Case
    • Outdoor Seating Benches
Annual Campaign - Strong Kids

Keep the magic going by contributing today to our Annual Campaign - Strong Kids! Through this campaign we ensure that everyone can attend camp, making friendships and memories and lasting impact on development for our kids and community.