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This page has information on our Financial Assistance, Tiered Pricing, and Registration policies and procedures. 

Part of the mission of the Lincoln YMCA and Camp Kitaki is to ensure that our programs are available for all. Through the YMCA Open Doors Financial Assistance program, we are able to provide assistance for those who may find the costs of a camp program a barrier to their child's attendance. By filling out the application and verifying income, a family can qualify for 10%-50% off of the program fees at YMCA Camp Kitaki. As a branch of the Lincoln YMCA, Kitaki uses the same application. If you have been approved for Lincoln YMCA Financial Assistance, you already qualify for assistance at Kitaki. 

A family of 4 making less than $45,000 a year can qualify for up to 30% off camp fees (provided as an example, all applications individually reviewed for assistance granted). Percentage of assistance granted is taken off the Tier C (Lowest) price of summer camp programs. 

Approval is good for two years, and applicants are asked to reapply every other year.

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Why Three Prices?  Camp Kitaki has a voluntary tiered pricing system for our summer camp programs allowing families to choose the price that works best for them. Naming your price requires no paperwork and in no way influences the experience your child will receive at camp.

  • What are the prices? Price A accounts for camp operation costs, including wear & tear, depreciation, and facility/program improvements. Price B accounts for cost of operation and Price C is a more heavily subsidized rate, and does not reflect the true cost of operating.
  • How do I select my price? This program is voluntary, requires no paper work and in no way influences the experience children receive. Simply choose the rate that is appropriate for your family during the registration process.
  • How are the rates subsidized? We are able to offer subsidized rates by generous contributions of many donors, alumni, staff and friends, and by the support of the YMCA of Lincoln, the association to which Camp Kitaki belongs.
  • Is more assistance available? Due to the tiered pricing structure at YMCA Camp Kitaki, if additional financial assistance is needed, participants can apply for our Open Doors Program and could qualify for up to an additional 50% off. See Open Doors guidelines for details. 
Deposits and Fees
  • Summer Camp: $100 deposit must be paid with registration for each session chosen. It will be applied toward camp fees and is non-refundable or transferable for any reason. The balance of fees must be paid in full by June 1st for all sessions.
  • All other programs: Full fees are due at time of registration

Fees are refundable only if canceled 30 days prior to the session or with a doctor-approved medical reason. No refunds will be issued for campers going home early for illness, disciplinary action or homesickness. 

For summer camp programs the $100 deposit is non-refundable.  

Scheduled Payments (Summer programs only)

At the time of registration you can select how to handle the balance of summer camp fees.  Options include:

  • Pay in Full
  • Scheduled Monthly Payments via credit card, debit card or eCheck
  • Balance scheduled June 1st - the remaining balance will be run on your credit card, debit card, or eCheck on June 1st.
  • Invoice balance - we will send you a reminder at the beginning of May that payment is due by June 1st.  

Regardless of choice, all payments are due in full by June 1.  

Waitlist Procedures

Camp Kitaki maintains waitlists for our programs that have reached capacity.  Should a spot become available in a session with a waitlist we start at the top of the list and contact the family to see if they would like the spot.  Should we not immediately get ahold of you we will provide a reasonable window of time for you to return our message before moving down the list.  

Cabinmate Requests

In order for campers to make new friends along with enjoying camp with a current friend, we accept one cabin mate request per registration. The cabin mate you are requesting must also request your camper on their registration, and must be registered for the same program (i.e. both in Ranch Camp, both in Trailblazers, etc.). Almost all mutual cabin mate requests are honored if the campers are within one year of each other’s age, have requested one another, and are registered in the same program. Even if campers are not in the same cabin, there will be many chances to see one another throughout the day, including meals, free time, camp store time, all-camp activities, and clubs (summer campers only). If you have a special situation regarding cabin mates, please call the Camp Kitaki office.