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A program badge for Discoverers Camp

This is where the adventure and magic begins for so many of our campers. Special cabins, unique activities, a more structured schedule, and a closer camper/counselor relationship make this week just right for younger campers. Our Discoverer Camp counselors are specially trained to support this age group. Favorite activities include additional swim times, horseback rides, and Jungleland, Kitaki's adventure trail.

Discoverer's Highlights


Discoverer Camp Clubs

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Campers get to make choices to tailor their camp experience to their interests.

Natural Play Area

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The Fort is a specially designed natural play area complete with building areas, a music playground, and a replica western fort.


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Discoverers get an introduction to all the activities at camp!

Discoverer's Details



Each of our programs are designed with specific goals and outcomes in mind. These goals are used to determine which activities should be part of the experience.  

Discoverer campers will…
1) receive the support and assistance needed to make positive choices.
2) feel like they are a part of the camp community.
3) connect with a wide range of positive role models. 
4) be given the opportunity to practice being independent.


Discoverer Campers experience all of the magic Kitaki has to offer at a slower pace designed to allow for increased connection to the counselors and more time to rest after a day filled with adventures that spark their imagination and encourage them to explore the world around them. Discoverer Campers spend all day with the same cabin group with counselors specially trained to help them make new friends and feel comfortable being away from home.

Counselors and SKs

One special part of the Discoverers program is a very structured staffing approach, which allows the same staff to work closely with the kids throughout the day. Each cabin group will have their cabin counselor as well as a SK counselor in training who will spend their day creating memories with kids in the Discoverers Program. In addition, the Discoverers unit is smaller to ensure even more staff, such as the Discoverers Unit Director, can be on hand to help the campers adjust to camp and feel supported and cared for. 


Discoverer Campers stay in the air-conditioned camper cabins located nearest to the Dining Hall and main camp area. Each cabin has a bathroom located inside, 15 beds in a generous space, and an attached porch. Each cabin will house 10 kids, 2 staff, and a teen volunteer.