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Camp Kitaki Covid Response for Summer 2021

As we look toward summer 2021, there is hope on the horizon. A vaccine, better testing, warmer weather, and better treatments will all play a role in improving the landscape of the pandemic. There does remain a question of by how much, but we know that most likely Covid will still be a part of our lives during summer 2021.

All information listed is intended to share the spirit of how we will operate camp in 2021, and may change as plans develop. Final procedures will be communicated via the parent handbook to registered campers by 5/1/2021.   

Camp Kitaki is planning to run overnight camp in 2021.

As time goes on we will continue to update this page with more information on how we will operate to help keep our kids, staff, and their loved ones as safe as possible.



An icon of a face covering, white on a blue circle

All campers and staff will wear masks.


An icon of two figures standing 6 feet apart, white on a blue circle

Each cabin group will remain a distinct cohort, maintaining physical distance from other groups.


An Icon of handwashing, white on a blue circle

Added handwashing and sanitizing stations and increased surface sanitization.

Did Camp Kitaki operate in 2020? 

Camp Kitaki made the difficult decision to suspend overnight camp operation during Summer 2020. Instead, we operated our Outdoor Explore Days day camp programs during the late summer, and other day camp programs in the fall and winter. Through these experiences and based on guidance and recommendations from the American Camp Association, YMCA of the USA, the CDC, and other overnight camps that did operate in 2020, we are adapting our camp plans to operate Kitaki as an overnight camp in 2021.  

Please review the following information and strategies that we will be following for summer 2021. 


Pre Camp

Campers and Families will be asked to limit their exposure for the two weeks prior to camp.

Check In and Check Out will be limited to keep the number of people on site to a minimum. Parents will be asked not to enter cabin areas. Times will be provided to spread out the check in or check out process.  

*More details will be provided in the Parent Hand Book which will be sent to registered campers by 5/1/2021

Health Screening: All campers will undergo a self reported health screening in the days leading up to camp, and a screening during check in for any symptoms of Covid 19.


Masks will be a part of summer camp, and will be required for all participants and staff. Of course there will be times when wearing a mask is impossible, such as while sleeping, swimming, eating, or brushing teeth. During these times campers will be able to take their mask down.  

Taking a break from wearing a mask will always be possible so long as a camper is outside and has a really big bubble!

Cabin Group Cohorts and Units

Each cabin group will operate as a separate cohort. Interaction with other cabin group cohorts will be limited to a unit of 3-5 total cabins. Modifications will be made to choice based activity times (e.g. clubs) to enable these layers of protection. 

Think of the cabin group as a household bubble, a unit as a small neighborhood, and Camp Kitaki as a city. Campers will only interact with their neighborhood while outside and masked. Campers will not interact with cabins outside their neighborhood but may pass by them while outside, masked, and at a distance of greater than 6 feet.

Handwashing and Cleaning

Additional hand washing and hand sanitizing stations are being added throughout camp.

Program supplies and equipment will follow procedures to be sanitized between uses.

Common surfaces will see increased sanitization.  


By eating indoors in shifts, and by serving special meals like picnics, cookouts, and breakfasts at your cabin, we will be limiting the number of cabin groups eating indoors at the same time. This will allow us to only have cabins from the same neighborhood indoors together, and will allow each cabin group to have a giant bubble greater than 12 feet between their table and the next while they eat.  

Meals have always included some zany traditions at Kitaki. To limit time indoors, this year we will move the singing, announcements, and other fun, outdoors where masking and distancing is more practical.

Schedule and Programming

Modifications will be made to the camp schedule to limit groups in a given area at any one time to allow for physical distancing between cabin cohorts.  

Multi cabin activities will take place outdoors and utilize physical distancing.


Health Care

Camp staff will conduct daily health screenings of campers at camp.  

New outdoor station is being added for campers with basic health needs such as first aid.

Campers or staff displaying symptoms of Covid-19 will be isolated from the rest of camp and will be asked to be picked up from camp as soon as possible. Further details will be shared via the Parent Handbook available to registered camp families by 5/1/2021.