YMCA Camp Kitaki

About YMCA Camp Kitaki

About YMCA Camp Kitaki

Who We Are

YMCA Camp Kitaki is a resident summer camp facility for ages 7-17, whose purpose is to build strong kids and adults through programs that promote positive identity, relationships, values and skills in a unique natural setting.  We are a dedicated group of professional youth developers who passionately believe in the power of the overnight camp experience and what it does to help grow a child's sense of self-worth and independence.

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What We Do

We have fun. Fun that is carefully crafted to help kids learn and grow. Fun that challenges everyone involved to be better. At YMCA Camp Kitaki, crafts aren't just crafts. They are an opportunity to express creativity and to learn about responsibility as campers clean up after themselves. Gaga, a form of dodgeball originating from Israel where feet are the target, isn't just an active and healthy game. It is an opportunity to teach about honesty, and the importance of being truthful, even when no one else will notice. Living together in a cabin is an opportunity to learn about sharing, social skills, community and to bond with new friends. Everything is fun, but fun with a purpose. It all adds up to kids who leave a week of camp feeling more confident in themselves, having met new friends, and having created memories that will last a lifetime.

How We Are Different

Our focus is completely on making summer camp the greatest experience that a child could have during their summer. The full-time professional staff are on site 24 hours a day helping our 65 part-time staff members make the most of the time we have with your child.  Each year we grow, changing what we do for the better, setting loftier and lofier goals, while maintaining the traditions your child will love.  We provide an experience that parents cannot provide for their children, a microcosm of independent life full of values, relationships, skills and fun.

Participation and Inclusion

Rules for acceptance and participation are the same for everyone regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, immigration status, ability or national origin.  We believe that all kids deserve a camp experience, and will make every reasonable effort to meet the individual needs of all our campers.  If you have questions about whether Camp Kitaki is the right fit for your child due to unique behavior needs, or any other special need, please contact us.  

Facility and Location

Facility and Location
Facility and Location

YMCA Camp Kitaki is a 215+ acre outdoor center nestled in the oak forest above the Platte River Valley. Primarily a summer camp, Kitaki also offers Outdoor Education programs for schools, Year-Round Campouts and Family Programs, and facilities for Retreats.

Camp Kitaki Facility Location - 14917 East Park Highway, Louisville, NE 68037:

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Camping programs in the Lincoln YMCA were founded in 1903, and camps were soon held at YMCA Camp Strader near Crete, Nebraska. The location, however, was prone to frequent flooding, and the YMCA embarked on a search for a more suitable location. A location was found in the hills above the Platte River Valley near South Bend, Nebraska. YMCA Camp Kitaki was founded in 1953 at the site, and the former cow pasture became home to a summer camp. The site has matured into a beautiful oak and cottonwood forest, providing shade and a whole natural landscape to explore.

Camp Kitaki has grown through the years to include 215 acres, lodging for over 375, over 50 horses, a pool, lake, archery range, and high ropes challenge course. 

Programs and Offerings

Programs and Offerings
Programs and Offerings

Although our main focus is Summer Camp, Camp Kitaki runs many other programs and activities throughout the year.  For more information on our offerings, click on the categories below!

Summer Camp  Campouts  Family Programs  Senior Kitaki Kids  Outdoor Education  Retreats

Knights of Kitaki Staff Alumni Group

Knights of Kitaki Staff Alumni Group
Knights of Kitaki Staff Alumni Group

For alumni of YMCA Camp Kitaki, connect with us on Facebook at the Knights of Kitaki Alumni Group!

Partner YMCAs

Partner YMCAs
Partner YMCAs

YMCA Camp Kitaki is owned and operated by the YMCA of Lincoln, NE.  We are the official resident camp of the Columbus Family YMCA.

Contact Us

Contact Us
Contact Us

570 Fallbrook Blvd, Suite 210
Lincoln, NE 68521

14917 East Park Highway
Louisville, NE 68037

*The Camp Phone is consistantly monitored only during the summer months.

Executive Director
jsmith [at] ymcalincoln.org

A former camper himself, Jason has worked at Kitaki full-time since 2004. As the Executive Director, Jason is in charge of ensuring the high quality of all camp operations.

Associate Executive Director
nroberts-day [at] ymcalincoln.org

Nat has been part of the Kitaki family for over 20 years. She works with the camper experience during summer camp, our Outdoor Education programs and providing overall leadership to our programs as the Associate Executive Director.

Program Director
nwalter [at] ymcalincoln.org
Neil has worked full time at Kitaki since 2012, though his camp experience goes well beyond that! Neil leads many of our school year campouts, and oversees the program areas of Kitaki such as the swimming pool, ropes course, lake and more!
Program Director - Retreats Coordinator
mjensen [at] ymcalincoln.org
Mike loves helping our retreat and OE groups experience the magic of Kitaki.
Program Director - Food Service and Housekeeping
vpike [at] ymcalincoln.org