YMCA Camp Kitaki

Summer Camp Activities

Summer Camp Activities

The activities at camp have all been designed to be used as tools.  Tools to teach skills, including hard skills like archery, and soft skills like making friends.  They have been designed to impart values, by the honesty used in games like Gaga to the responsibility of seen in groups cleaning up after their crafts time.  The activities have also been designed to be age appropriate and progressive, meaning going to the lake when you are 8 is way different than going to the lake when you are 13!

One of our most popular activities. Enjoy a walk through the woods on horseback, or learn more riding skills in our arenas with our Ranch Camp programs.
Learn a skill or keep growing year after year. New targets and different bows add to the challenge as you grow!
Our challenge course gives us the opportunity to provide kids with safe, but thrilling, individual and team based challenges that help facilitate growth in self esteem, leadership and communication skills.
Visit the Crafts Den where every camper gets to display his or her creative side.

Fort Pawnee is camp's natural play area, designed on research principles from Nature Explore, and built to encourage free play in nature with natural materials.

JungleLand is an adventure trail course that teaches young campers how to work within a group to achieve goals, practice communication skills, and reflect upon personal interactions with others.
The lake features many different activities and skills to learn, from boating or just chilling in the sand!
Campers get to experience an amazingly beautiful natural setting at Kitaki. We like to share a few of the more awesome natural wonders with them.
Camp Kitaki is the home to a unique outdoor music playground. This collection of instruments allow anyone to enjoy making music without any prior experience!
One of the best traditional summer fun spots, the pool is the best place to keep it cool!