YMCA Camp Kitaki

There is Magic in the Air

There is Magic in the Air

A few days ago I was walking around camp appreciating a beautiful blue sky, white puffy clouds, the still subtle changes in the color of the leaves (some of which were crunching underfoot), and the slight crisp to the air that comes with Fall.  While Kitaki is always a beautiful location, there is something about fall at camp that just makes camp radiate magic.  It seems like everyone who comes through camp at this time of year smiles just a little wider, walking like a weight has been taken off the shoulders as they explore the hills of Kitaki.  Maybe stepping onto the grounds this time of year just feels like a prolonged deep breath after the hustle, heat, and humidity of summer.  Or, maybe, just the act of getting away from the city is a nice respite from the craziness of getting back into the swing of school, fall sports, and other new seasonal routines.  Either way something special is in the air at camp.

We all lack connection to nature in our lives to one degree or another.  Even your friendly neighborhood summer camp director spends way too much time glued to his computer screen.  The fall seems to throw up the least number of barriers to outdoor enjoyment and it includes some nice incentives as well.  You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy spending the night around the campfire...IF it isn’t too hot, or too cold, or the bugs aren’t too bad, if you can find enough time, and so on and so forth.  That may be precisely that which makes Kitaki feel so magical right now.  Everyone who stops by can enjoy Camp as they need it to be, a breath of fresh air and sunshine, a beautiful view, and an excuse to spend time with friends or make new ones.

Mother Nature puts on a pretty good show this time of year.  I hope that you and your family and friends take some time to enjoy it.  You might be surprised how much a few hours spent around a cozy campfire with your loved ones will pull the corners of your mouth in the right direction.  

Until we meet again in the land of high hills,


Up Next at Kitaki:

Fall Family BBQ - Bring the whole family out to camp for hayrack rides, pumpkin carving, archery, horse rides, the Blacklight Show and more!  Cheaper than the pumpkin patch!

Halloween Camp - Just for kids age 7-14 - Visit Kitaki for Halloween Fun!  Bring your costume for this silly not too spooky overnight!  

Campfire Amphitheater - Help Kitaki renovate the heart of camp and leave your mark!  Learn more!

The Senser Family Black Light Show will be a part of both of the above events.  Check out a sneak peak here!

2016 Blacklight Show Promo from YMCA Camp Kitaki on Vimeo.