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Trailblazers Camp

Trailblazers Camp

Length of Program: 
One Week

Combining activities specifically designed for older campers with traditional Kitaki favorites, Trailblazers Camp is the best of all worlds for the 13-15 year old. Clubs are replaced with adventures at our challenge course, climbing tower, high ropes and more. This one-week experience builds self-confidence and character, teaches independence and interdependence, develops leadership skills, and presents new and stimulating challenges.

Fee:  (Why Three Prices?)

2021 Rates

Tier A:  $630
Tier B:  $590                                                         
Tier C:  $550 (Financial Assistance is calculated off this Tier - Apply Here!)


Horizontal Tabs

  • Challenge yourself and grow as an individual through our brand new Tango Tower.
  • Take part in Trailblazers-only cookouts, campouts, and out of camp adventures.

Each of our programs are designed with specific goals and outcomes in mind.  These goals are used to determine which activities should be part of the experience.  As a part of Trailblazers Camp:

Trailblazers campers will…
1) learn to identify their strengths and communicate those strengths to others.
2) set goals and challenge themselves in a safe, supportive environment.
3) experience an increase in self-confidence as a result of the achievements and connections made during the week at camp.
4) learn to be more self-reliant.


The schedule for Trailblazers Campers is designed to maximinze indivual growth, confidence-building, and reflection. Trailblazers will spend each morning on our challenge course learning and experiencing success on our new Tango Tower. Afternoons are spent doing traditional summer camp activities, but each activity is modified to present new challenges in an age-appropriate way. 


Trailblazers stay in our air-conditioned camper cabins located closest to the Dining Hall and main camp area. This allows them to act as role models for our younger campers. Each cabin will house 10 teens and 2 staff.


Please check online registration for availability.

2020 SessionsSuspended - Learn More

2021 Sessions:

  • 1: June 6-12
  • 3: June 20-26
  • 5: July 4-10
  • 7: July 18-24
  • 9: August 1-7
  • 10: August 8-14

Learn more about Kitaki

Learn more about Kitaki
Learn more about Kitaki

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